Voted Best Optica on Curaçao 2014-2018

Thank you for making us number 1 again!

What we specialize in

Contact Lenses

Don't feel like wearing glasses today? Contact lenses offer a convenient alternative to spectacles, and are useful, for example, during sporting activities.

There are more options available to you than ever before – new developments and materials make contacts very comfortable, convenient to use and affordable. 

We keep a wide range of lenses in stock. Should you need to replace your contact lens, you will never be without.


Protect yourself against excessive exposure to light, both its visible and invisible components.

Find the right pair for each day of the week in our exciting collection of men's and women's designer sunglasses. All our spectical options are available for sunglasses as well.

You should never be without sunglasses in the tropics. Are you ready for the beach?

Designer Frames

We pride ourselves in having a great collection of designer frames. The possibilities are endless... but the best frame is the one that looks great on you.

Lens technology keeps improving to enhance your vision and comfort. Lenses can be tailored to your prescription, as well as made thinner for those high optical prescriptions.

Let us make you look sharp in specticals to match your personality!